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Our unique goalie training has produced some of the top goalies at the college and high school levels

Our goalies on average have produced a save rate between 65 -75% and

many of them had multiple shut out performances!

Training Champions

In A Whole New Light

According to studies, “Downtime during sports practice causes players in youth sports to spend an average of 30 minutes being inactive per practice.”Today’s  technology has a proven solution for this universal issue. We offer sports facility owners, universities and coaches user-friendly, innovative training equipment for the young athlete to the accomplished professional. Projecting animated drills onto the practice surface increases players’ engagement, play retention and play recall by 90%.  Sharing the animated drills with players prior to the scheduled practice eliminates lengthy verbal explanations on how and where to position correctly for the upcoming game. 



Watch the video above to see how visual based technology

translate from the coach to the players.


We provide more than animated graphics and projection technology. SLT is the visual communication bridge that connects players and coaches to critical missing information needed to execute drills and plays on large game surfaces. We can link multiple projectors to project animated drills that are controlled by an I-Phone or tablet. Regardless of learning style, players feel more confident and less stressed when learning new drills and plays. Coaches are able to communicate their vision and strategy in order to train champions in a “whole new light”.

We were recently featured on Fox 25 News as “sports training of the future”. Click “here” to watch the video.


Hitachi Features Smart Light Technology’s


Wasting Time During Practice
Down Time During Practice

“We need to learn ways in which the doses of physical activity provided during youth sports and activity programs can be most effectively increased by modifying the manner in which the practices and contests are conducted.”*


* Jenifer O’Neil, PhD, MPH of the University of South Carolina.




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